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Blue Spell with Sam Piter

Join Sam Piter on a solo trip through Indo as he hunts for perfect barrels, from Lakey Peak to Kandui and beyond. Watch the edit created by Arthur Genie and read more in our interview below.

Hi Sam, what a trip this has been, so many epic moments...

How many times have you been to Indo? Was this the first time on your own?

I’ve been to Indo 4 times before, this was my 5th trip but this time I was on my own so it was a little different. I had my plans and decided what wave to surf depending on the swells.

What inspired this trip?

I really wanted to leave Europe for a bit to go surf some perfect waves and make a surf movie. Indo was the ideal place for it.

What was your favourite destination of the trip?

My favorite destination of the trip was Lakey Peak… it’s just too fun from 2 feet to 10 feet the waves are so perfect, you can try a lot of different things there because the waves are always the same you don’t really mind falling because the next one will be the same haha. Also, it’s a nice little village with good vibes and different waves around that are also super fun.

Where was the best swell?

The best swell we had was at Kandui in the Mentawai for sure! It was huge and just so perfect... barrels after barrels on dry reef haha, the wave is pretty scary but I really wanted to get good ones out there!

Hi Arthur, nice to meet you! As the Videographer & Editor of this piece, we wanted to learn more about the inspo behind it...

Can you tell us more about your vision for the film & what inspired it?

Bali is such a heaven for filmmakers' inspiration there just comes naturally I guess, you just have to look around you and you’ll find a thousand inspiring patterns in and out of the water.

Between seeing through tropical waters and the excitement of life on the islands, this unique balance between traditions and a constant hectic mess makes life, even more, interesting out there.

We decided to call it 'Blue Spell' because of the Indo waters. When you’re going there we can all agree that you have this unique feeling out there scoring some perfect waves in boardshorts. Hard to find someone who didn’t go twice.

How long have you been shooting surfing?

I’ve been shooting surfing for over 4 years now.

How long working with Sam? More projects together for the future?

It’s our first trip together. I’ve been connecting with Sam for a few years now in Hossegor and when the opportunity came to go on this trip together I didn’t hesitate.

Sam’s definitely a good guy to travel with on a surf trip and hopefully after this one we have many more to come.

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Film by Arthur Genie (@arthur_genie).

Photos by Manu Miguelez (@manu__miguelez).